Finding your spark again.

Sometimes we’re on top of things, life is going great, and we’re happy. We should cherish those moments, but we should also remember that those moments don’t last forever. So, what do we do when nothing is going right, we’re overwhelmed, we’ve lost sight of our goals?

The first step is: Don’t to beat yourself up over it. We’re human, we’re allowed to make mistakes and we’re allowed to fail. It’s how we act after we have failed that determines who we are and what we stand for. Sometimes we lose sight of what’s important to us. We veer off of our diet for a week or two, we oversleep, or we notice that we’re mismanaging our time. The last thing we need to do when we’re already down is to make ourselves feel worse by reminding ourselves how we’ve messed up. Don’t dwell on your past or your mistakes. 

Secondly: We need to remind ourselves of better times! Once we’re reminded of times where we followed our diet to a ‘T’, we managed our time more wisely, we didn’t drink as much, we reached deadlines more often, or we weren’t consumed with social media. (Whatever it is that you wish you were doing better at). We are able to see that we are capable. 

Next: We have to set a plan. Decide what you want to change (for example, we want todevote more time to studying). Look at your schedule and see what time you’d like to devote each day. Commit to doing it!

Don’t wait until tomorrow! If we’re really serious, we’ll start now. The longer we wait tostart, the more time we give ourselves for the flame to ebb out. Then, you’re back to square one.Once you’ve started, it may take a conscious effort to remain excited. However, just the sheer happiness from overcoming the hurdle of re-inspiring yourself should get you through the first week. Before you know it, a daily habit will be formed.

It’s okay to take time for yourself and re-evaluate what you want in life and what makes you happy. It’s not always easy getting to where we want to be, but we are our biggest motivators!


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